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Case Studies

Case study – Old Vinyl Records, Southampton

Mrs Griffiths from Southampton was left with the daunting task of sorting her late parents treasured possessions which comprised of a substantial collection of classic rock/legend old vinyl records. Her parent’s collection included everything from Eric Clapton and Bon Jovi to Queen and the Beatles, unsure whether to take the vinyl albums to the charity shop or to sell them to a record collector Mrs Griffiths contact Vinny for a second opinion.

Service provided by Vinny’s Vinyl

We made an appointment to visit Mrs Griffiths parent’s home in Bournemouth, Dorset, and help her to establish the vinyl records value.


Mrs Griffiths, Southampton "I was surprised at just how much my parent’s collection was worth and was very pleased with Vinny's quick and courteous service".

Case study – LP’s for Sale, Hampshire

Mr Andrews from Portsmouth was a dedicated record collector when he was younger, enjoying the collection while keeping the LP’s and LP sleeves in excellent condition. Mr Andrews contacted Vinny’s Vinyl with a full list of his LP’s for sale which included old vinyl records from the most popular classic rock legends. Mr Andrews felt it was time to find out the vinyl records value with a view to selling them to spend more time on the golf course.

Service provided by Vinny’s Vinyl

The collection that Mr Andrews had was very substantial so we made the journey across the Dorset border to Hampshire. Having reviewed the collection and its condition we provided the vinyl records value to Mr Andrews and purchased his entire collection apart from one or two LP’s that he couldn’t part with just yet!


Mr Andrews, Portsmouth "I had a large collection and was amazed at just how much Vinny paid for it, I could not recommend highly enough"

Case study – LP’s for Sale, Dorset

Mrs Fowler lives in Poole, Dorset, she had a small number of LP’s for sale and was contemplating taking them to the local tip. Mrs Fowler found Vinny’s Vinyl on the internet and called Vince to find out the vinyl records value. Happy with the valuation an appointment was made to collect the old vinyl records from Mrs Fowler.

Service provided by Vinny’s Vinyl

We were able to provide a valuation to Mrs Fowler over the phone for her vinyl albums, we then visited at her home to collect her LP’s. After a little bit of TLC we added her vinyl albums to our stock list and in no time at all the LP’s were in the hands of an avid record collector.


Mrs Fowler, Poole "I was going to take my old records to the local tip but found Vinny's Vinyl on the internet and got £60 for some old LP’s I was going to throw away! Result!"

Case Study – Sell Vinyl Records, Dorchester

Mr and Mrs White from Dorchester wanted to sell their vinyl records. They had a collection that included vinyl albums they had inherited, as well as their own collection they started as a young married couple. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent condition that Mr and Mrs White had kept the collection in considering the age of some of the records. We were pleased to be invited to Dorchester to view the vinyl record collection which included a number of treasures from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Service provided by Vinny's Vinyl

We viewed Mr and Mrs White's vinyl records in their home in Dorchester, Dorset. They had a vast number spanning many genres and we purchased the whole record collection on the same day that we provided them with the vinyl records value.


Mr and Mrs White, Dorchester "Unlike our disastrous past transactions on ebay and other marketplace websites, selling our old vinyl records to Vinny was stress free and the price he offered us was very fair."

Case Study – Vinyl Records Value, Ringwood

Mr Read was looking to downsize his home in Ringwood and asked Vinny's Vinyl to pop over the Dorset border to Hampshire to value his old vinyl records before the house clearance. He had a great love for music when he was younger and had a collection that consisted of numerous artists from the 60’s and 70’s.

Service provided by Vinny's Vinyl

We were passing Ringwood to visit a record collector in Salisbury and stopped in to view Mr Read's interesting collection at his home. After valuing the vinyl records Mr Read wanted to dispose of, we offered him a price for the complete collection. Mr Read couldn't believe how much they were worth and was very happy when we picked up the collection a few days later.


Mr Read, Ringwood "My wife and I were on a mission to clear the house before moving and we contacted Vinny to find out our vinyl records value. I nearly fell off my chair when Vinny told me one of the records on its own was worth £20, we were going to put them in the skip! We highly recommend Vinny’s service."

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